I sat down to write about this topic today and remembered I had already blogged about it before at my old blogging location. So here it is!

Sarah in Dogland

I have had the same question posed to me three times this week, and that means a blog is most definately in order.  All three people had different issues, all surrounding the same problem: introducing dogs that do not know each other, do not seem to want to know each other, and yet the humans need them to get along.

The first was a phone call. The woman on the other end is crying and desperate, because she has had her 10 week old labrador puppy for 3 days, and her 5 year old corgi has brutally attacked the puppy several times so far. The baby labby is now not only afraid of the other dog but has shown an increase in sound sensitivity and is generally scared of her own shadow.  She bought the puppy from a backyard breeder (her words) who does not have any interest in taking the…

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