Hitting (or discussing) the Jackpot

http://www.merriam-webster.com defines the term “jackpot” as: an impressive often unexpected success or reward.  I am going to define it for the purpose of this blog this way: a multiplied delivery of the reinforcer in use in a training session given in order to deliberately increase one response over another one.  For instance, if I am teaching my … More Hitting (or discussing) the Jackpot

Jumping Gymnastics Workshop

What–Innovative one day workshop covering the training and fitness of jumping with the help of Dr Leslie Eide When–June 25th Where–Beautiful outdoor location in Tacoma, WA Why–Because jumping problems are NO PROBELM! Who–Sarah Stremming and Leslie Eide DVM, CCRT How much?–Working spots are $175 and auditing is $125 How do I sign up?–Just fill out … More Jumping Gymnastics Workshop

When Well-Executed Counterconditioning Plans Fail

Counterconditioning is a form of respondent conditioning in which a desired stimulus (like food, or a ball) is paired with an undesired stimulus (like getting a shot).  It is often used in conjunction with desensitization to help dogs feel better about certain things in their world.  This is not a piece of writing about how to … More When Well-Executed Counterconditioning Plans Fail

High Value vs High Stakes: The Ethics of Positive Reinforcement

You hear it often. We dog trainers say it often. Use high value “rewards” (reinforcers) when training your dog.  In sports it’s all about creating a high-drive performance, and in real life it’s all about getting reliable responses to life-saving cues (think: recall). In behavior work, it’s often about successfully altering a dog’s behavior so … More High Value vs High Stakes: The Ethics of Positive Reinforcement