Raising a Star

Raising a sound working partner in a dog is not always easy. Should you teach your puppy handstands and spine-bending tricks? Should your puppy really meet a hundred new people a week? What kind of toy play should you encourage? What does your puppy really need to know, now? While I don’t claim to have … More Raising a Star

Locus of Control

  There is a concept in psychology referred to as the “locus of control,” and it refers to where a person believes control over events in their lives is derived. If a person has an internal locus of control she believes she controls her own life, whereas a person with an external locus of control … More Locus of Control

Ice and Marbles

  I believe that in dog training there are two types of projects. There are “marble” projects that involve systematic training of new skills and there are “ice” projects that involve slowly manipulating environmental factors to inspire change.  Putting Marbles in a Bottle Marble projects are the truer version of dog training. You’ve got an … More Ice and Marbles