How much do we risk?

Last weekend, at nearly 26 months of age, Felix debuted in agility. He wasn’t ready for all classes so we played in three: snooker, gamblers, and jumpers. I agonized over when to bring him out; I worked diligently over months to prepare him emotionally for what is required of our dogs in this game we … More How much do we risk?

It’s not you, it’s me.

“My dog down-stresses.” “My dog shuts down.” “My dog can’t tolerate frustration.” “My dog hates to be wrong.” “My dog knows when I don’t have treats.” “My dog is low-drive.” And the list goes on. We’ve heard these things. We’ve said these things. What if it’s not the dogs, but us? What if each time … More It’s not you, it’s me.