Perfection Paralysis

Many of my clients suffer from something that I know all too well; perfection paralysis. It’s the fear of messing up your training beyond repair; the fear that makes us just not train at all. But this condition has an antidote (besides of course the personal work that often must be done!). The antidote is … More Perfection Paralysis


Ever heard the phrase “you get the dog you need”? Or even the thought that some dogs are “special” or universally arranged to land in our lives at the right time? The idea that some of our dogs will be game-changers over the course of our career I’ve heard it. I’ve said it. I even … More Game-Changers

Worked Up World!

I’m looking at the final four Worked Up seminars this year, and I can’t believe all of the incredible people I have met, and where this material has taken me. Here are just a few of the things I have taken home, that I hope my participants have held onto: Basic training mechanics are largely … More Worked Up World!