Too Much, Too Soon

I teach an online class called Worked Up for Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, and I teach a two-day workshop of the same name as well, all over the world. This course is all about dogs spin/bark/bite or just plain can’t think in a working environment. They are overstimulated, highly aroused, and outside of their own … More Too Much, Too Soon

Rescue Trouble

Much of the time this blog is centered on doing the next right thing, and I hope this one gets there in the end. But today I am, frankly, pissed off. I am fed the hell up with “rescue” groups making this world a whole lot worse for dogs and the people who love them. … More Rescue Trouble

What We Owe Them

A walk, a chew, and some snuggles. That’s all it takes for most of us; it’s all it takes for Felix. He is resting peacefully by me now as I work, not fidgeting, not asking me when I will do something fun. He knows the fun will return, and that now is rest time. He … More What We Owe Them