Hi, I’m Sarah!

I am a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) and I spend my time working complex cases with my clients, mentoring colleagues, and presenting worldwide. 

I have been in the field of dog behavior for nearly two decades, and I’ve competed in dog sports for even longer. 

My educational background includes a bachelors of science degree in psychology from Colorado State University, the Living and Learning with Animals course with Dr Susan Friedman, a decade of conference attendance, endless reading, online courses, and more. Of equal importance is my extensive hands-on experience with a variety of dogs and their people in training, sport, veterinary, daycare, shelter, and boarding settings. 

When I am not working I am usually deep in the woods in the Pacific Northwest behind two border collies and an Icelandic sheepdog. 

Finding Sarah was a sanity saver for me.  Sarah’s passion for helping both her human and canine clients achieve wellness and balance is evident in the success we achieved guiding a dog with complex and varied challenges along the path to physical and mental health.


Sarah brings an impressive scope of knowledge, incredible insight, compassion, solid communication skills, a broad range of resources and firmly grounded ethics to her coaching role.  I am appreciative and grateful for Sarah’s guidance, which has been transforming and inspiring.  


Sarah’s  holistic approach  is innovative and effective.  Through her coaching, she offered suggestions and alternatives that took into consideration my dog’s and my own current skills, capabilities and desires.  She is a skilled teacher and a masterful observer of canine and human behavior.

Tammy H