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Much Ado About Sniffing

I once wrote in-depth about what functions sniffing serves and why it's such a vital part of dogdom and one to be respected. You can find that HERE. Please read it first. So why am I here, writing about it again? A friend's facebook thread asking "what can we do about...

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Priority One

The word priority has not always been pluralized. Think about that a second. Ok, good. Now, realize that initially a priority was a singular thing; one item that was held to the highest regard. Not a list, not a hierarchy, just one thing. And then ask yourself, what...

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He’s Friendly!

Ok, so this is a thing. People allow their exuberant, socially over-the-top dogs to approach your leashed/reactive/elderly dog in a public space. Chaos ensues. You leave pissed, they leave equally angry, and hopefully none of the dogs are hurt. Could this be better? I...

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Gearing Up

Right now I am preparing Idgie for what is likely to be her last Cynosport. Bittersweet for me, this event has been a favorite of mine for years, and there is no better partner to run there than Idgie. It will be our 6th together, and our third height class to run in...

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Too Much, Too Soon

I teach an online class called Worked Up for Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, and I teach a two-day workshop of the same name as well, all over the world. This course is all about dogs spin/bark/bite or just plain can't think in a working environment. They are...

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Rescue Trouble

Much of the time this blog is centered on doing the next right thing, and I hope this one gets there in the end. But today I am, frankly, pissed off. I am fed the hell up with "rescue" groups making this world a whole lot worse for dogs and the people who love them....

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What We Owe Them

A walk, a chew, and some snuggles. That's all it takes for most of us; it's all it takes for Felix. He is resting peacefully by me now as I work, not fidgeting, not asking me when I will do something fun. He knows the fun will return, and that now is rest time. He has...

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Is this about dog training…?

For me, anxiety is the thing that I live with, that I manage every day. When it goes unchecked too long, when a life event causes it to surge past what I can manage, depression shows up. Sarah, I thought this was a dog training blog... Yeah, it is. See, I think this...

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Let’s Talk About Head Collars

The first time I used a head collar was twenty years ago. At the time it was a relatively new tool, I was very much a "balanced" (read: I used corrections and food to train) trainer, and I was in love with that thing. I was 12 years old, handling a 70 pound doberman,...

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