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If you’re drowning get out of the pool

Last weekend I was teaching Worked Up, as I often do on the weekends. I told two people whose dogs I worked hands-on with that they should take a break from their chosen sports while they worked through some problems. I hate telling people that because they hate...

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Gearing Up

Right now I am preparing Idgie for what is likely to be her last Cynosport. Bittersweet for me, this event has been a favorite of mine for years, and there is no better partner to run there than Idgie. It will be our 6th together, and our third height class to run in...

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Too Much, Too Soon

I teach an online class called Worked Up for Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, and I teach a two-day workshop of the same name as well, all over the world. This course is all about dogs spin/bark/bite or just plain can't think in a working environment. They are...

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Rescue Trouble

Much of the time this blog is centered on doing the next right thing, and I hope this one gets there in the end. But today I am, frankly, pissed off. I am fed the hell up with "rescue" groups making this world a whole lot worse for dogs and the people who love them....

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What We Owe Them

A walk, a chew, and some snuggles. That's all it takes for most of us; it's all it takes for Felix. He is resting peacefully by me now as I work, not fidgeting, not asking me when I will do something fun. He knows the fun will return, and that now is rest time. He has...

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Is this about dog training…?

For me, anxiety is the thing that I live with, that I manage every day. When it goes unchecked too long, when a life event causes it to surge past what I can manage, depression shows up. Sarah, I thought this was a dog training blog... Yeah, it is. See, I think this...

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Let’s Talk About Head Collars

The first time I used a head collar was twenty years ago. At the time it was a relatively new tool, I was very much a "balanced" (read: I used corrections and food to train) trainer, and I was in love with that thing. I was 12 years old, handling a 70 pound doberman,...

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The Whole Picture

What's with all the password-protected posts? They are part of Puppy Elementary, a subscription program you can join any time. Don't want to? Don't worry, your regular blogs will still be free of passwords, and you'll know the Puppy Elementary posts by their "PE"...

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Bucking the Puppy Status Quo

As a lot of you know there is a new puppy in my house. He isn't "mine" technically, he belongs to my person and will be her sport dog someday. But he is mine in the sense that I love him and live with him, so I care very much about what kind of dog he grows up to be....

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