I’m looking at the final four Worked Up seminars this year, and I can’t believe all of the incredible people I have met, and where this material has taken me. Here are just a few of the things I have taken home, that I hope my participants have held onto:

Basic training mechanics are largely lacking in the dog sport world. The good news is, they are easy to learn for most of the people I have encountered. All it takes is a little bit of conscious application.

Dogs, all over the world, are the best teachers. They are clear, concise, and consistent. Want to be better? Take a look at what your dog is telling you; his feedback will never be laden with ego.

When we deliberately produce adrenaline in our dogs we must then take responsibility for that adrenaline. This can and should be done with the systematic use of positive reinforcement; withholding reinforcement does not build behavior.

What stands between us all and the agility partnership we desire is training skills (which can be improved!) and consideration for our dogs’ experiences (which can be learned!). Come to Worked Up if you can, they are almost finished for this year!

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I hope to see you on the road!