Cog-Dog Radio

My podcast is released every other week, and in it I explore all aspects of what I do in problem-solving for performance dogs. You can find all episodes here, and I will link them below.

To contact me about the podcast with questions or suggestions for topics, shoot me an email at

Episode One: The Pilot 

Episode Two: Jade Part One

Episode Three: Jade Part Two 

Episode Four: Jade Part Three 

Episode Five: Kevin Part One 

Episode Six: Kevin Part Two

Episode Seven: Kevin Part Three 

The gorilla video:

Episode Eight: Prime Part One

Episode Nine: Prime Part Two

Episode Ten: Prime Part Three

Episode Eleven: Cynosport World Games 

Episode Twelve: Prime Part Four

Episode Thirteen: Puppies Part One

Episode Fourteen: Puppies Part Two 

Episode Fifteen: Puppy Series Part Three 

Episode Sixteen: Emotions in Sport Dogs 

Episode Seventeen: More Puppies! 

Episode Eighteen: Did You Know? Barking is a Reflex