Most people have never seen the spectacle that is a dog show.  But if you’d like to, and you’re on the Front Range, this weekend is the show you’ll want to see.

I like it because it’s got it all; agility, conformation, obedience, rally, and shopping (the best dog stuff shopping all year!).  I compete in agility every year, because conformation’s not my thing for many reasons, and agility always trumps obedience for me.  My dogs and I always enjoy this agility trial because the arena is big and luxurious with ample crating, and it’s four days of playing in the dirt, not just two or three which is standard.  Lots of competitors from out of state come out to this show and I really enjoy watching all the teams we don’t normally see.

If you want to attend as a spectator, check out this link for information.  They have a list of guidelines to follow at dog shows, but here’s mine:

  • If you’re bringing children, keep a CLOSE watch on them.  Talk to them about never touching a dog without permission before you get to the show, and if they are too young to follow these directions, be sure that you are really watching them at all times around the dogs.  A lot of conformation dogs are not socialized to children, and a lot of them are just plain not interested in visiting with you, so look out for your kids’ safety.
  • Don’t touch a dog without asking.  This should go without saying, but you’d be surprised!  So, just ask before you pet any dog.
  • When visitng the agility arena, stay off the dirt.  As a spectator, you belong in the stands.  The agility dogs are hyped and so are the handlers, so stay out of their way, and enjoy the sport from the stands.
  • Hit the Meet the Breeds booth if you want to meeet dogs.  That’s what they’re there for!
  • Feel free to ask people questions, but try to only do so when they are not waiting to go in the ring or grooming a dog.

Also, if you go to the show, be sure to say hi to my friend Sasha Foster at her Canine Fitness Zone booth!