We are loving our summer and we hope you are too. The summer session of online classes with The Cognitive Canine starts August 9th. Here’s what we have planned:


101 Things NOT to Do With a Box: The recommended first course with The Cognitive Canine where students learn to hone their dog training skills. Clicker mechanics, antecedent arrangements, reinforcement strategies, and more!

  • Prerequisites: none
  • Course length: 6 weeks of assignments, 8 weeks of instruction
  • Tuition: $175
  • Register by paying here

Jumping Gymnastics: The popular workshop brought into an accessible online course format. Co-taught by Sarah and Dr Leslie Eide CCRT , this course covers everything you need to know about jumping from the physiology, fitness, and training standpoints. Priority for working spots will be given to graduates of either the 101 Things course or Leslie’s fitness foundation courses. 

  • Prerequisites: None, but 101 Things suggested
  • Course Length: 8 weeks of assignments, 10 weeks of instruction
  • Tuition: $250
  • Register by paying here


Foundation FUNThis comprehensive foundation agility course has three tracks; flatwork, toy/reinforcer skills, and fun and games. This course is perfect for puppies and young dogs starting out as well as competitors needing a foundation refresher.

  • Prerequisites: None, but 1o1 Things recommended
  • Course Length: 8 weeks of assignments (3 each week, a total of 24 lessons!) and 10 weeks of instruction
  • Tuition: $250
  • Register by paying here


Check out this video from a recent graduate of foundation fun: