Hello dog people! Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Sarah Stremming and I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA, want to know more?). The Cognitive Canine, LLC is my business, and dog training is my passion.  Simply put I love dogs and I want to help their owners understand them better, live better with them, and experience the bond that I know is possible between a person and a dog. 

I’m on one big mission here, and that mission is centered around making the world a better place for dogs, one human at a time. Unlike a lot of dog trainers who get involved in this profession, I don’t just love dogs, I truly love their owners as well.  When a dog owner cares enough about her dog to seek qualified help for his behavioral well-being that person qualifies as what I call a good dog person.  Good dog people are the people I serve in my business; helping good dog people have good dogs is what I do. 

My specialty is dog-dog aggression and reactivity.  Dogs that bark and lunge or snap at other dogs, specifically when on leash, are outrageously common in this country.  I have my thoughts on why that is, but more on that later.  Helping these dogs to function normally so that they can get out and get exercised is something I am personally connected to because I have worked through these issues with numerous clients as well as my own dogs. 

Other problems I work with regularly are basic training issues like leash-pulling and barking, as well as compulsive and anxiety disorders.  No matter the problem, there is a solution, and that solution is a positive one that never includes fear, force, or intimidation. 

Thanks for reading, now I’d love to meet you!  Leave me a comment about your dog training journey, or a dog training issue you’d like to read about.

Happy training!