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Sarah teaches a variety of online courses on many platforms.

If you aren’t sure where to find what you need, just shoot us an email at cognitivek9@gmail.com  

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happy crating

 Traditional methods of allowing the puppy to “cry it out” or worse, create a cue for distress. Other programs create cues for excitement and arousal. Happy Crating creates the cue for relaxation.


This course is provided on demand in Sarah’s online classroom. https://cog-dog-classroom.teachable.com


This class is all about dogs that are over-stressed, over-aroused, over-adrenalized, and just plain over the top. Help your dog give his true performance in the ring by helping him be in a healthy state of arousal at trials. Learn how to ask your dog if he is ready to work, and how to respond when he says no, in order to help him be the best he can be.

We will address everything that comes with problems of arousal: handler-biting, broken start lines and contacts, lack of focus, knocked bars, barking, and more.

This course is provided at FDSA.



Based on Sarah’s concept, The Four Steps to Behavioral Wellness, this course digs deeper into what our dogs really need. The Four Steps are: exercise, enrichment, nutrition, and communication.

Learn how to exercise your dog in a way that truly feeds his mind and body (and how you can tell!), how to provide enrichment that emboldens the shy or fearful and encourages thoughtfulness in the adrenalized, how to be sure you are on the right nutrition path, and how to communicate effectively in life and sport.

Also included are the foundational skills most foundation curricula leave out: waiting as a concept, happy crating, handler-attention in the face of social enticement, and more!


This course is provided at FDSA.



This course is all about dogs that have been labeled as shut-down, down-stressers, shy, or low-drive. Dogs that run fast in training but slow in trials, dogs that have good days and bad ones, dogs that give up on training, and dogs that seem to prefer the couch to the clicker.

This course will help you to build confidence, address the stress, and tailor your training to bring out the potential of your reluctant dog.


This course is provided at FDSA.


Jumping gymnastics

Sarah has your jump foundation training, and Dr. Leslie has the conditioning exercises required for jumping in this innovative course that covers jumping from all angles. Each week you’ll have a foundation training exercise from Sarah focusing on different types of learning and positive reinforcement for correct jumping efforts with an emphasis on errorless learning procedures, as well as a conditioning exercise from Dr. Leslie focused on one of the five phases of jumping: approach, takeoff, aerial, landing, and departure.


This course is provided at FDSA.  https://www.fenzidogsportsacademy.com/schedule-and-syllabus


Do behavior problems freak you out? Have you ever thought “I wish I could fix that” about a nuisance behavior your dog exhibits? Do the intricacies of behavior modification overwhelm you, though you feel comfortable teaching your dog performance behaviors?

This class is for you. Learn how to analyze a behavior by understanding what proceeds it and what follows it, rather than worrying about the behavior itself. Then learn to alter these circumstances, thereby watching the behavior change before your very eyes!

Note: If you’re not sure if your problem behavior is suited to this class, please send me a note BEFORE you register so we can avoid unhappiness all around!


This course is provided at FDSA.  https://www.fenzidogsportsacademy.com/schedule-and-syllabus

shaping demystified

 Does shaping feel hard, intimidating, or just not for you and your dog? Are you constantly in awe of what others can achieve through shaping? Great news! Shaping should neither be difficult nor complicated and the only requirement is a dog that is willing to eat! Learn the science, the application, and how to keep your dog hanging in there while you learn. Learn how to avoid a dog that frantically throws out behaviors, and also a dog that gives up when the learning gets hard. Not sure when to add a cue to the behavior you’ve achieved? We’ll cover it! Constantly getting stuck on “extra” behaviors you clicked but didn’t actually want? That’s covered too!

 This course is provided at FDSA.  https://www.fenzidogsportsacademy.com/schedule-and-syllabus