Mutual Memoirs

Today would have been Kelso’s 16th birthday. He lived 14 good years, and I wasn’t about to let him live any bad ones, so I celebrate today without his physical presence. Though his body is gone, his legacy lives. When you have a dog so special, they are everywhere, always. When I first heard of … More Mutual Memoirs

Balance is a Verb

There is a concept in nutrition called “balance over time.” It means that we don’t have to eat three perfectly balanced meals a day so long as we achieve balance over the course of a week, or month. Nutrition is a funky science; not everyone agrees with this concept. I adhere to this principle in feeding … More Balance is a Verb

Confusion Kills

An aversive stimulus is, by definition, something an animal will work to avoid. Trainers who consider themselves “positive” generally try to omit aversive stimuli from their work with dogs. In dog training there are no mystical forces; the dog is either working to gain access to an appetitive stimulus (meat, cheese, tennis ball, latex squeaky … More Confusion Kills