Personalized Consulting

gnStuck in a rut with your dog’s training?

Need some help reviewing your training plan? 

Want to discuss strategy or policies for your dog training business? 

Need a new set of eyes on a behavior case you’re working on?

I am here for you! 

Personalized consulting is done on an easy hourly rate basis. Via phone, Skype,or FaceTime, talk to me about dog training, performance training plans, business, behavior, and more. Let me help you make your dog training or your dog training business be the best it can be.

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Shoot me an email at to get started! 

Praise for Consulting

I contacted Sarah about professional consulting after she had graciously provided me with really helpful advice in an online forum we both frequented. It left me feeling confident in her skills and I wanted to utilize her further as a resource for other areas in my business. I was thrilled when she accepted me as a client.

Initially, we identified several areas to address and then had weekly and bi-weekly conference calls where we discussed and then set attainable goals each of which immediately produced results in a big way. She was able to identify both areas of loss in revenue and areas I needed to explore further quickly.

Additionally, I was having difficulties with one of the new courses I offered in that we were getting solid – and I mean SOLID training results but that participants were not as thrilled with as our other classes. I really struggled to understand how, with measurable improvement I wasn’t getting nearly the positive feedback on that particular course as I was in others, and she analyzed it with me and provided me with guidance on how to adjust it which has helped immensely.

I had short term, weekly goals and more long term goals that I’m close to completing now at which time I will be scheduling with her again for additional assistance. I was running my business as a trainer first, business owner second, which was okay when we were small, but as the business has grown, my deficits in this area as a savvy business owner were costing me big-time. I really had no life outside the business and it was taking a huge toll emotionally and physically.

My time with Sarah really helped to even that out, I’m much more savvy now, I have more confidence in myself, am better at boundaries, better at identifying problems and addressing them early, and I am a better advocate for my business and ultimately myself. I have a life I have time to enjoy!!!  That itself is most valuable to me, and Sarah helped me get there. I’m infinitely grateful and wish I would have hit her up for help long ago. Sarah rocks!
~Julie P.