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Currently there are a few different ways to work with Sarah.  Check out all of your options below to see if one of them might be right for you!


coaching levels

Exclusive Coaching

One-on-one internet-based coaching with Sarah. This intensive individualized program is the best option for dedicated trainers who want to make lasting changes for their dog.

Exclusive Coaching is done on a monthly basis, and most clients do at least three months of coaching. Starting with a foundation of wellness, clients then embark solving whatever problems their dogs are facing.

This service is designed to serve behavior problems in sport dogs like handler-biting, excessive barking, broken control behaviors (like contacts or start lines), zooming, or checking out. If you’re ready to do the work and see the results, this option is for you.

one-time consultation

Often, a one time consultation is the bets option to get you started on the path to behavior change for your dog. You send Sarah all the details about what is going on, she reviews your case, and you schedule a one hour phone call to discuss a plan. Afterward, Sarah sends you detailed notes and any other information you may need (like videos or reading resources) to carry out your plan. 

Business coaching

We do best in this world when we help each other succeed.

Low pay, long hours, and compassion fatigue make dog training a tough field sometimes, and it doesn’t have to be this way. Talk to Sarah about taking your dog training business to the next level.

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additional services

Online Classes

Sarah offers 5 online classes, on a rotating basis throughout the year. All of Sarah’s online classes are currently taught through the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (FDSA). 


Sarah travels the globe helping dogs and handlers understand each other better. Check her currently scheduled seminar list to see if she’ll be doing one near you!