Private Coaching

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What happens when there are holes in foundation training?
Misunderstandings on-course that lead to refusals, wrong-courses, and frantic frustration-fueled behavior. Missed contacts, skipped weave poles, and other faults that cause handlers and dogs alike to stress in the ring.

What happens when a dog’s needs aren’t being met?
When exercise, enrichment, and communication needs are not fulfilled a dog will never reach his full potential.

What happens if training skills don’t match competitive or life aspirations? 
Frustration ensues on both ends. There is very little in dog sports that can’t be improved by simply improving the trainer/handler’s application of dog training as a science.

What happens when a dog’s arousal clouds his ability to respond to trained cues?
Excessive barking, biting at the handler, and degradation of performance. In essence; no one is having a good time!

Let’s put it simply: I am here to help you with this stuff. 

How it Works
I coach dog and handler teams online in a private Facebook format. You’ll post video and questions, I’ll provide feedback, answers, and assignments in both written and video forms. Together we will work out a plan to get your dog where you want her to be, whether that means just walking to the ring without reacting poorly, or executing all behaviors inside the ring just like she does in training. There are no limits for video length and post frequency; I am here to support you as much as you need.

Who Benefits from Private Coaching?
Dog owners and handlers who are truly committed to change. My program requires dedication and constant dialogue; it is not for everyone. If you find it hard to motivate yourself to train after your workday, and even harder to bust out the video camera for your session, this format may not be your best choice. My most successful clients are self-starters who love training and aren’t shy about posting video of both success and failure. I can help you with your dog if you are ready to help yourself.

What it Costs
I charge $425 a month, and this includes my thoughts, a plan, assignments, and my feedback, all only limited to what you are able to do.

Coaching Not For You?
Depending on circumstance I will occasionally offer a single consultation that involves the submission of your questions and up to two videos followed by a phone call or internet chat to discuss your issues and what you should change or try on your own. Our conversation will last one hour, and I’ll spend up to 30 minutes analyzing your submitted videos and questions beforehand. One-time consulting sessions are $250.

praise for private coaching 

“Sarah’s coaching is unparalleled. Nowhere else can you find the amount of content, feedback, and most important to me-open discussion. Performance, troubleshooting, behavior- whatever you need, she can make a difference. You won’t be disappointed.”
~Graham T

“Sarah opened my eyes to a completely new world of dog training. I started to see my dog as my partner or peer rather than subordinate.  I started respecting my dog’s needs and mental well -being and began to ask rather than tell. She understood Prime in ways no one else ever had and was able to teach me to communicate in ways that were finally effective for him.  She was immediately able to identify the behavioral issues he was experiencing and develop science -based plans to strengthen our relationship, build Prime’s confidence and help Prime develop healthier coping strategies.  Prime would not have been able to make all the progress he has without Sarah’s incredible insight regarding animal behavior and behavior modification.”

~Heidi R