Ever wish you could watch two top dog trainers raise their next performance puppy?

Well, this is Watson.

And he recently came to live with  us — that is Dr. Leslie Eide, DVM, and me, Sarah Stremming, founder of the Cognitive Canine.

And we’re sharing his journey through our new program: Puppy Elementary.

Each week we’ll share stories, tips, and more for raising a performance puppy, with Dr. Leslie Eide including lots of fitness and conditioning training. We’re documenting the first 6 months of his time with us! 

When you subscribe, you’ll hear how he came to join the family, how we transitioned him into our home, and any hiccups or successes along the way.

Each week for we’ll post a minimum of one blog post (and other weeks more like four…) plus, as a member, you get access to our exclusive Puppy Elementary Facebook group, where Leslie and I will do a live Q&A once a month — the topic will all depend on what Watson is up to at the time!

How to join

To join us, click the button below and make a one-time payment of $45. That payment will grant you  access to Puppy Elementary indefinitely, where we’re documenting Watson’s journey for six months! Once payment is received, you’ll get an email with your access password and be added to our subscriber list. THIS EMAIL IS NOT AUTOMATED. So please, be patient; you will be added.

If 48 hours pass and you haven’t received your email yet, please email me. As a subscriber to this list, you’ll receive email notifications each time a new Puppy Elementary post is added to the site (this will be at least once a week — and sometimes as often as four times a week!)

Also — feel free to join the Puppy Elementary Facebook Group, where we’ll be doing monthly live Q&As on topics related to Watson’s growth and development.