Seminars and Workshops


Sarah is a dynamic speaker and loves teaching groups of dog trainers and dog sport enthusiasts across the country and internationally. She offers a variety of topics; her most popular workshops are listed below. Contact her via email at 

Upcoming Seminars:

  • Worked Up!
    • Its a Dog’s World in Sumner, WA
    • February 18-19 2017
    • Register here
  • Worked Up!
    • Hyper Hounds
    • April 15-16 2017
    • Register by contacting Kim Boyes,
  • Perfect Patients
    • It’s a Dog’s World in Sumner, WA
    • April 29-30 2017
    • Register HERE 
  • Worked Up!
    • On The Run Canine Center in Ham Lake, MN
    • May 6-7 2017
    • Register by emailing Nancy Gagliardi Little,
  • Worked Up!
    • Canine Fine in Longmont CO
    • June 10-11 2017
    • Register HERE
  • Worked Up!
    • Middletown, CT
    • July 1-2 2017
    • Register by emailing Casey Coughlin,
  • Behavioral Wellness and Perfect Patients
    • Midland, TX
    • August 4-6
    • Email Catherine,
  • Worked Up!
    • Wet Dog Wellness in Portland, OR
    • September 9-10
    • Register by emailing Maddy Turner,
  • Worked Up!
    • Milwaukee, WI
    • September 16-17
    • Email for information
  • Worked Up!
    • Dallas, Texas
    • October 7-8
    • Register HERE
  • Worked Up!
    • United Kingdom
    • November 11-12
    • Contact
  • Jumping Gymnastics
    • United Kingdom
    • November 14-15
    • Contact
  • Worked Up
    • Marin Humane Society, CA
    • November 18-19
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Worked Up! Addressing arousal-related issues in sport dogs:
This workshop is all about dogs that are over-stressed, over-aroused, over-adrenalized, and just plain over the top. Help your dog give his true performance in the ring by helping him be in a healthy state of arousal at trials. Part lecture, part hands-on, this workshop addresses everything that comes with problems of arousal: handler-biting, broken start lines and contacts, lack of focus, knocked bars, and more.

Perfect Patients: Cooperative Veterinary Care
Help your dog learn the husbandry behaviors necessary to allow veterinary procedures with ease, and learn what you can do to help him feel better about the whole ordeal! This workshop centers on two areas: training necessary skills and teaching dogs a language of consent so that they can choose to agree to procedures.

Got a Problem? Throw a Cookie at It!: Reinforcement Scenarios for Sport Dogs
In this interactive workshop handlers of sport dogs learn to apply the art and science of the strategic reinforcement to solve performance issues in their sport dogs. Everything from handler biting, broken start lines, inattentive heeling, and more! Sarah splits this workshop into a lecture portion and a working portion, allowing participants to present their issues and see solutions. Depending on participant numbers Got a Problem? can be presented in a one or two day format. 

101 Things NOT to Do With a Box: Getting Dogs and Handlers “Clicker-Savvy” 
Sarah covers clean training principles as a way to jumpstart dogs and handlers on the path to clicker-savviness.  Training should not be frustrating for the dog or handler, and the skilled application of a few solid concepts will help transform struggling teams into do-it-all teams. This two day workshop involves both lecture and the opportunity for teams to try out the concepts under Sarah’s guidance.

Jumping Gymnastics
Co-taught with Leslie Eide DVM, CCRT this jumping clinic works off the idea that jumping problems in healthy dogs are always related to training, conditioning, or both.  Sarah covers the training aspects of this one day workshop, while Dr. Leslie addresses the conditioning side.  All participants attend lecture portions taught by both instructors, and working teams address individual problems from whichever side they need it!