It’s that time again! The Summer Session at The Cognitive Canine starts June 7th. Here’s what you can sign up for:


Join us for classes, but don’t skip the beach! 

Perfectly Patient: The Perfect Patients Alumni Group
This new offering is available to students who have taken the NEW Perfect Patients online course. It will be a space for students to continue to work through their dogs’ handling issues or vet-related fears.  Sarah’s input on all continuing work will be the main attraction, with live chats and “food for thought” posts happening all the time.

101 Things NOT to do With a Box: Taking Your Skills to a New Level
This course will now be offered *every session* as it is a highly recommended first course here, and a prerequisite for some courses. Click here for more information. 
$175, 6 weeks of assignments, 8 weeks of instruction
This popular course is all about taking your mechanical skills to the level they need to be to achieve your training goals. Clicker timing and mechanics, clever antecedent arrangements, and the laws of learning no one talks about will be discussed. You won’t want to miss it!

202 Things NOT to Do With a Box: The Follow Up Course!
This course is the follow-up to the above 101 Things course, so successful completion of 101 Things is the prerequisite. Take the skills you learned there and apply them to teaching complex tricks and behaviors.
$175, 6 weeks of assignments, 8 weeks of instruction
Teach your dog *anything* by using the skills you learned in 101 Things. Suggestions for tricks and behaviors will be provided, but students will be free to pick their own path. Sarah will help students hone their skills and teach some impressive tricks!

Pupstart for Sports
$175, 6 weeks of assignments, 8 weeks of instruction
Get all the information you need for that brand new puppy! From effective socialization techniques to life skills to the early lessons vital to performance, this is not your average puppy class. Husbandry, puppy-driven social skills, choice-based learning, and drive-enhancing training. This class has it all!

Perfect Patients: Your Dog Doesn’t Have to Hate the Vet
$250, 8 weeks of assignments, 10 weeks of instruction
This course is the ultimate in cooperative veterinary care.  Teach your dog to participate in no-restraint procedures, and learn how to help him feel more comfortable with things that bother him about handling and husbandry. Click here for more information.

Contact Sarah to sign up!