I want to introduce a new online course that I could not be more excited about. I am offering it as part of my Spring Semester, and it launches March 28th.  It’s called “101 Things *Not* to Do With a Box” and it’s all about good dog training skills. Both the novice clicker trainer and the experienced dog sport competitor will benefit, with a wide audience in between.

Some things that will be addressed in the class are:

  • How to jumpstart a dog that is slow to offer behaviors
  • How to calm a dog that frantically offers behaviors
  • How to customize any training scenario to meet your goals faster
  • Clean Training Practices
  • The whys and hows of using a marker signal in training
  • Easy steps we can all take to clean up our mechanics and stop frustrating our dogs during training

The course is part of my Online Classes, email me to sign up or get more information! training@thecognitivecanine.com