The Cognitive Canine is expanding to include fitness and conditioning courses from Dr. Leslie Eide. Leslie is a Certified Canine Rehab Therapist, doctor of veterinary medicine, and a certified FitPaws Master Trainer Instructor.  She currently sees patients as the head of rehab at Animal Surgical Clinic of Seattle. Leslie has been teaching online conditioning and fitness classes for dogs for several years as The Total Canine and is bringing her expert instruction and care over to The Cognitive Canine’s online school.


Class Offerings

Jumping Gymnastics
This course is all about jumping! Leslie and I co-teach a comprehensive 10 week course covering both the fitness and training aspects of jumping. One exercise and one concept will be released each week, alternating modalities. We offer two additional weeks of instruction after all assignments have been released. There’s nothing else like it being offered, and I am thrilled to be providing it here! This is an advanced course, working spots are $250.

Fitness Foundations
What everyone needs to know to get started! All foundation fitness behaviors are covered over the course of 8 weeks so that your dog can easily soar through other fitness classes. Dogs will learn essential targeting behaviors (front feet, back feet, all feet, individual feet, and so on) and handlers will learn to recognize when to progress or stay put on exercises. At Dr Leslie’s request, my 101 Things NOT to Do With a Box course is a prerequisite. Fitness Foundations is a prerequisite for Iliopsoas Insurance and Weekly Workout. This is an advanced course, working spots are $250

Weekly Workout
One of the most popular classes Leslie has offered, Weekly Workout provides students with fun workouts for their trained dogs to complete. Once your dog has been through Fitness Foundations, she is ready to start working out! A new workout is released each week for 6 weeks. Working spots are $175.