Work With Sarah


One-on-one internet-based coaching with Sarah. This intensive individualized program is the best option for dedicated trainers who want to make lasting changes for their dog. 

Exclusive Coaching is done on a monthly basis, and most clients do at least three months of coaching. Starting with a foundation of wellness, clients then embark solving whatever problems their dogs are facing. 

This service is designed to serve behavior problems in sport dogs like handler-biting, excessive barking, broken control behaviors (like contacts or start lines), zooming, or checking out. If you’re ready to do the work and see the results, this option is for you. 

If this service sounds like an option for you, please contact Sarah at cognitivek9@gmail before purchasing.



Interested in hosting Sarah at your location?

Sarah travels the globe helping dogs and handlers understand each other better. She has previously run seminars everywhere from California to Australia.

Seminars are typically 2 days and she is usually booked about a year in advance.

Contact Sarah at for a sample contract and to inquire about open dates.



    • This workshop is for dogs that stress down, check out, get sniffy, or just aren’t into training sometimes. Dogs that are environmentally sensitive, worried about mistakes, and dogs that are hard to convince to participate. We will show them they are always right, teach them to be brave, and improve your working relationship in this two day workshop that will surprise you.

    • For sport dogs that are out of control, over the top, or just plain WORKED UP! Sarah’s most popular two day workshop covers the hows and whys of over-arousal, as well as a system for assessing, understanding, and soothing arousal states in our sport dogs.

    • Getting as clear as possible in your training is the first step toward solving all problems pertaining to performance and pet dog behavior. Understanding marker cues, clean errorless shaping, and reinforcement strategies will take your training to the next level, regardless of your current skills.