Or the groomer. Or you, for that matter.

Yeah, we have to do uncomfortable stuff to our dogs. That’s life. And most dogs tolerate nail trims and vaccines, but not all of them do. Some dogs are so overtaken with fear or anxiety when it comes to the veterinarian or the groomer that they may not always get the care they need.

But the truth is it doesn’t need to be this way.  We can and should teach the animals in our care how to cooperate with husbandry and veterinary procedures.  After all, the caretakers of other captive animals have been doing this for a long time. If you can teach a hyena to stand for a no-restraint blood draw, I say you can certainly do the same for your beloved dog.

My online course, Perfect Patients, has been helping dogs to feel better about the vet for several sessions now.  As is the nature of any good educational program, it has recently undergone a total revamp, and I have to say I am really excited about the new material I have added.

The next round of Perfect Patients rolls out as part of my Spring Semester, and class starts April 4th.  Here is the rundown:

$250 for new students

$150 (advanced class repeater price) for anyone who has taken Perfect Patients level 1 before

$100 (basic class repeater price) for anyone who has taken Perfect Patients level 1 more than once, or who has taken both level 1 and 2

This deal will only  be offered as part of my spring semester, after that everyone will be considered a “new” student, as there is just too much new material here to give it away!

Email me for more information, or to enroll! training@thecognitivecanine.com