Confusion Kills

An aversive stimulus is, by definition, something an animal will work to avoid. Trainers who consider themselves “positive” generally try to omit aversive stimuli from their work with dogs. In dog training there are no mystical forces; the dog is either working to gain access to an appetitive stimulus (meat, cheese, tennis ball, latex squeaky … More Confusion Kills

Science Pudding

I just got back from Clicker Expo. I go to this conference every year and attend lectures from animal trainers, behavior analysts, and some of the best applied animal behaviorists in the world. It is truly remarkable. I walked away, as I always do, with some important tweaks to make to my training plans, some … More Science Pudding

Training a Feeling

When we train dogs we aren’t working with a black box of input-output. If you’re well-versed in learning science it can be easy to start to see them that way. The best trainers keep the science behind what they are doing in mind as they take the animal’s experience into account. When complications arise the … More Training a Feeling