Recently I heard this Sanskrit word, Santosha. It means contentment. It means to be in harmony with all of the things, good and bad, that make your circumstance. It is the practice of saying “and” rather than “but.” Of course, this made me think about dogs, dog training, and the often-difficult behavioral issues I help people… More Santosha

Welcoming Leslie Eide DVM, CCRT

The Cognitive Canine is expanding to include fitness and conditioning courses from Dr. Leslie Eide. Leslie is a Certified Canine Rehab Therapist, doctor of veterinary medicine, and a certified FitPaws Master Trainer Instructor.  She currently sees patients as the head of rehab at Animal Surgical Clinic of Seattle. Leslie has been teaching online conditioning and fitness classes… More Welcoming Leslie Eide DVM, CCRT

Starting at the Beginning: the “A” in ABC

Dog trainers that work with behavior problems know that management is key to any successful behavior modification procedure. If we don’t first manage the environment to prevent the problem behavior, we can’t make much progress toward altering that behavior. Often we, as professionals, write management plans more often than we actually carry out any kind of… More Starting at the Beginning: the “A” in ABC

Late Summer Session

We are loving our summer and we hope you are too. The summer session of online classes with The Cognitive Canine starts August 9th. Here’s what we have planned: 101 Things NOT to Do With a Box: The recommended first course with The Cognitive Canine where students learn to hone their dog training skills. Clicker… More Late Summer Session