Are you looking at your dog’s whole picture?
Join Sarah in learning more about her four steps to behavioral wellness can help you build a better relationship with your dog for life.

Cog-Dog Radio 

Join Sarah for new podcast episodes that are released weekly where she discusses a wide variety of topics that include how dog’s learn, self control for the humans, teenagers, and so many other topics.

Some guests on the podcast include Dr. Jessica Heckman DVM, Monique Feyrecilde LVT, VTS, Dr. Amy Cook PhD and more!



Canine Behavior Wellness 

The human world is one dogs are highly adapted to; but it is far from their natural environment. Problems like excessive barking, chewing, digging, and even reactivity and aggression are born when a dog’s basic needs are not being met. The four areas of exercise, enrichment, nutrition, and communication are underutilized as problem-prevention. Learn how to help your dog heal or stay well in this innovative course.

Teenage Tyrants

Is your adolescent dog a tyrant and not sure what to do? This is your complete guide to Teenage Tyrants!

Household Harmony 

In this course learn the hacks, training procedures, and management practices that Sarah has gathered through living with up to eight dogs at a time and coaching clients through puppy introductions, resolving dog-dog conflict, and so much more.

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From Crate to Gate: where the real trophies are won

I can guess, with uncanny accuracy, what a team's performance will look like in agility. This has nothing to do with the breed, or the experiences I have had with the handler. I can do it in a state I have never visited. I can do it in another country. I have. How do...

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