Action or Omission?

If you’re a dog trainer your social media feeds are likely laden with heroic proclamations from other trainers. Proclamations about what they don’t do. Whether it’s a training tool or a type of dog food, they’d like to be very clear about what they would never use on a dog. Entire professional organizations have been… More Action or Omission?

Is My Dog Ok?

If you’re an agility competitor you probably get a little bit (or very) high on the rush of running with your dog at an event. A lot of agility dogs seem to get high on it, too. This is actually what makes the game great; at it’s finest, it’s 30 seconds of sheer adrenaline for… More Is My Dog Ok?


Recently I heard this Sanskrit word, Santosha. It means contentment. It means to be in harmony with all of the things, good and bad, that make your circumstance. It is the practice of saying “and” rather than “but.” Of course, this made me think about dogs, dog training, and the often-difficult behavioral issues I help people… More Santosha