Intentional Impact

When you read this my dogs and I will be on the road, on our final stretch home from Cynosport World Games in Scottsdale, Arizona. This week was weird. My person was at home, and the strangest most emotional (terrifying) election I’ve ever experienced happened on the eve of the first day of the week-long … More Intentional Impact

Training High?

Commonly in dog agility training (and training for a lot of other dog sports) it is recommended that we train our dogs in a high state of arousal. We use toys to incite this state and we work hard to keep our dogs in an adrenalized state while we train so that this state¬†carries over … More Training High?

Spending Time

This past weekend I did an AKC agility trial. Not a highly unusual event for me and my dogs, though it was the first one I have done in several months, as I spend my summers hiking and playing USDAA. Naturally, some folks I don’t see often wondered about Felix. He is legally old enough … More Spending Time

Matters of Consent

If I told you there’s a very important concept that you may not have been taught about, one that is essential to both your dog’s care and your own personal wellbeing, ¬†and actually the wellbeing of everyone around you, would you hear me out? I hope so. Here it goes. The concept is consent. Defined … More Matters of Consent